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The Trauma Freeze Response – Playing possum?

freeze response


Freeze response

There are times when fighting is impossible and would result in serious injury or death, and flight is impossible too. This possum isn’t choosing to freeze, it is an automatic response.

A survival mechanism, activated in the face of inescapable threat.

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Apologizing for having needs, or learning that it isn’t worth asking for anything… the subtle but harmful messages that result from #childabuse

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Great quote for anyone who has been abused or manipulated. By Trauma and Dissociation

The search for “normality” or at least something that passes for normal… live with DID from the point of view of an “Apparently Normal Part” (ANP).

Small Steps of Progress on my Journey with Dissociative Identity Disodrer

An alternative way of communicating -Dissociative Identity Disorder

Gotta Love Memory Loss

Trauma And Dissociation project:

Living with amnesia… and those “who are you” moments…

Originally posted on Another Hope Entirely:

Someone friended me on Facebook tonight.  I couldn’t for the life of me remember who she was, but we had three mutual friends, all people I knew from the 2 years I spent at a treatment center.  So I approved her friend request even though I had no memory of her.


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What is healing and recovery all about? If #trauma happened in your childhood then you will not have had the chance to develop in a trauma-free way

Complex PTSD – does it always stem from childhood?

Trauma therapist Sara Staggs recently interviewed Dr Bethany Brand about the link between Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dr Brand is a world class expert on research into Dissociative Disorders, and their treatment.


Complex PTSD - always from childhood?

Dr Brand also talks about how she first became involved in the treatment of people with dissociative disorders.

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