Trauma And Dissociation Project

Trauma & Stressor and Dissociative Disorders, information & education, and Abuse awareness.
We post a lot about PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Child & Adult Abuse Awareness and the healing process.
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We don't provide support or advice.
If you are in danger or need medical attention call a hospital or crisis phone line.

just email links to

Responses are usually quick and anime/cartoon pictures ARE illegal and will be removed by tumblr, so will written descriptions which are considered harmful to minors or illegal.
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    In the beginning Sage used to insist we were all in her head, as in we didn’t exist and she was crazy. I however,...
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    Misread this as “you try to insist you have DID, but your alter disagrees” which is really just the flipside but yes...
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