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We post a lot about PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Child & Adult Abuse Awareness and the healing process.
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  1. Not rare
  2. One of several dissociative disorders, other specified dissociative disorder (OSDD, was DDNOS) is very similar and has the same treatment guidelines
  3. Found consistently world-wide
  4. Usually occurs alongside complex PTSD symptoms
  5. Trauma-based, treatment guidelines are based on the 3 stages of treatment that the Complex PTSD treatment guidelines are based on - complex PTSD guidelines produced by
  6. Those with DID are frequently subject to cyberbullying attacks by organized online groups, some survivors and advocates have taken legal action against regular cyberbullies & stalkers
  7. Linked to incest including pedophile rings
  8. Scientists who think DID is created by therapists or a social construct/invention are in the minority and make frequent mistakes in their academic work (example: Joel Paris and his failed attempt to suggest research in DID was dwindling when it was growing)
  9. Opposing DID as a diagnosis means opposing other specified dissociative disorders and dissociative fugue - fugue states are common within DID, and dissociative amnesia is a requirement of DID, and ignoring all attachment theory work especially on disorganized attachment, and involves ignoring the Dissociative subtype of PTSD and the fact that both dissociative symptom and Amnesia are common within DID
  10. DID was first documented in 1646 by Paracelsus and is well documented in history, back when mental health conditions were called “hysterical”, DID was known as hysterical dissociation. Pierre Janet and Freud were well known on their work in this field. History of DID:
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